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About Excotic Travel

Exotic travel agency was established in 2003. For many years and countless many well-organized trips around the world, we have positioned themselves among the leading travel agencies on the market. We have the OTP 107/2016 license for organizing trips at home and abroad, and we can boast of active membership in IATA and YUTA organizations.

ET's tourist offer is ranked in the most diverse and most favorable one. We organize tourist tours of the world's largest metropolises such as: India, Turkey, Malta, China, Polynesia, Nepal, Italy etc. You can find arrangements for summer and winter season, distant destinations, cruises, trips, group and individual programs, air tickets, hotel accommodation, rent a car. We also organize student and school excursions, as well as team building trips.

That the quality in tourism prices is confirmed by the numerous prestigious awards of the Excotic travel in the field of tourism, some of them are:

AWARDS 2006:

Champion tourism for student excursions Golden amphora for innovation and a new approach to the tourism market of Spain - In a completely new way, we introduced Spain to our market, which in addition to the award contributed to the great response from the public

AWARDS 2007:

Tourism championship for the organization of tourist arrangements for the India

AWARDS 2008:

Tourism championship for the organization of tourist arrangements for Italy

AWARDS 2012:

Tourism championships for the organization of tourist arrangements in European metropolises

AWARDS 2015:

Tourism championship for the organization of tourist arrangements in China

Thank you for the trust shown so far, and we hope that we will travel together in the next few years together.

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