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Part of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo is the second-largest of the seven-island chain and basks in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily. More rural than its sister island, Malta, Gozo has a population of 31,000. Home to some of the oldest religious structures in the world, the fascinating Ggantija temples, the island offers dramatic orange-red sands and perfect snorkeling waters at striking Ramla Bay.
Gozo is known to provide a tranquil haven for a tempo and scene change. The charm of Malta's sister Island is immediately apparent; it's greener, more rural and smaller, with life's rhythms dictated by the seasons, fishing and agriculture. Steeped in myth, Gozo is thought to be the legendary Calypso's isle of Homer's Odyssey - a peaceful, mystical backwater. Baroque churches and old stone farmhouses dot the countryside.

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Marko - 2018-02-06

The Maltese are proud, especially of their food, so don’t forget to learn more about the culture through your stomach.

Nikola - 2018-02-09

My time in Malta was a bit different than I’d expect most travelers’ trips to be. …there are serious benefits to seeing Malta like a (semi) local.

Aleksa - 2018-02-11

My time spent exploring Gozo was the best part of my trip to Malta, and I think it makes a scenic and relaxing base for any trip to the Maltese islands.

Zoran - 2018-02-14

Malta is such an interesting and diverse country that in one week you won’t have time to see everything.

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