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Arashiyama is famous for its Sagano Romantic Train ride, whether during spring for its cherry blossoms or autumn for the brilliant colors of its maple leaves. It is also renowned for its landmark bridge, Togetsukyo which is used in many tourist promotion photos. However, there is another place that stands out and is equally as charming. This place is the bamboo forest paths which are over 500 meters long, set between Tenryuji temple and Nonomiya Shrine.
You can rent a bike or stroll the path to enjoy the beautiful sight of sunlight shining through the bamboo grove, casting soft shadows on the path. Especially when the wind blows through, you can see moving images exuding a tranquil feel. That is the true charm of these forests of the east.

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Nikola - 2018-03-02

Having said that, Arashiyama is a lovely place t visit if yo0u have the time to see more than just a bamboo walkway.

Marko - 2018-03-07

The bamboo shrub is not the main attraction of Arashiyama. I suggest that you do visit Daikakuji and/or Tenryuji, as well as smaller temples like Jojakkoji.

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